IT Consulting Services

Infrastructure Design

Enterprise infrastructure is a service we provide to help design a future-proof resilient cloud-capable infrastructure. Possible deliverables for this service are a functional architecture design, data flow diagram, estimated budget requirements, BCDR, and strategies for achieving resiliency. Designs can be cloud specific (AWS, Azure, GCP), cloud-agnostic, or designed for hybrid. Once the design has been accepted, organizations can work to implement the design in a way of their choosing. Additionally, Orderly Ops can implement the design on behalf of the organization for cloud hosted designs, help procure physical servers for on-prem solutions, or host the infrastructure entirely as part of a long-term hosting solution billed monthly. 

Infrastructure Hosting

Once a design has been accepted, organizations have three options. An organization can choose to implement the plan how they see fit. Additionally, we can implement the plan on behalf of an organization in existing infrastructure controlled by the organization. The third option available is a hosting plan where the infrastructure is hosted within our cloud as part of a monthly billing cycle. We operate in Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS. Want to host it yourself but just need help? We are Terraform experts who can help develop automated solutions for several cloud providers. We will do everything we can to help you realize the benefits of your infrastructure solution.

Organization Growth

Organization growth consulting focuses on helping IT organizations and nonprofits understand how they are doing from a growth perspective. We help ensure organizational goals are aligned with the organization’s current plan. If a plan does not exist, we help establish them. New startups and small nonprofits may not have long-term goals. That is fine! Sometimes, we just have an idea that we want to work and we start slugging through it. We get that. We can help determine goals and create a plan for achieving them.

Executive Leadership

Our Agile Leadership & Productivity Enhancement (ALPE) program is meticulously designed to empower executive leaders within IT organizations to dramatically improve their agile processes, refine leadership techniques, and enhance team productivity across all levels. Through a comprehensive suite of strategies and tools, ALPE focuses on transforming leadership approaches to foster a culture of agility, innovation, and continuous improvement.