About Orderly Ops

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Orderly Ops Mission

Our mission, which we already chose to accept, is to empower all organizations, regardless of size and maturity, to positively impact the communities they serve. To complete the mission, we need a serious vision. Our vision is to use research-backed processes in all our solutions to provide a DevOps-centric design capable of achieving unseen and uncompromising performance. As we continue the mission, we empower our own communities by working with local colleges to provide real-world experience to future engineers and researchers. We hope to shape the next generation of researchers and IT gurus to be DevOps-centric and highly impactful in the tech community. It is not uncommon for future graduates to be a part of the team implementing one of your designs.

Orderly Ops CEO


Dr. William Dunbar is Orderly Ops’s founder, CEO, and lead researcher. William has an extensive history in both IT and the research field. William started his research career after completing five years of active duty Army service, with a ten month combat tour, when he embarked on his Master degree at 27. After achieving an accelerated degree completion in software engineering, William began his PhD at 28 years old. He completed his journey four years later with a dissertation on the impact of proprietary DevOps platforms on IT strategy.

William recognized early on that IT organizations and nonprofits predominantly used IT consultations that were focused on selling a product or service. However, it lacks incorporation of scholarly research and the power education brings to an organization. William founded Orderly Ops to incorporate his 15 years of IT, several years of academic research experience, and professional teaching experience into a unique and innovative IT consultancy. In his spare time, William volunteers by providing free tech education. Additionally, William volunteers at the local Children’s Hospital, raising money through Extra Life Gaming.

Our Impact

We prefer to be judged by our actions and outcomes, not our business attire. We have a strict “dress as yourself”, within reason of course. While we don’t wear suits, we drive successful implementations and let our passion for IT and DevOps drive us forward. To date, Orderly Ops has saved an estimated $800,000 across many organizations. That’s not too bad, given the short amount of time we have been focused on consulting.

Prior to consulting, each individual at Orderly Ops has made a positive impact in the communities they serve. Our CEO has published DevOps research, contributed hundreds of hours of teaching to underrepresented groups and organizations, actively serves as a research adviser for graduate students, and actively participates as an active member in several professional consulting development organizations, including The Society of Professional Consultants. William has dedicated himself to professional development and inspires all those around him to do the same.