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DevOps Consulting To Avoid Chaos

We research, innovate, and inspire DevOps-centric IT solutions with specialized DevOps Consulting

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Understand Your Needs

Work 1:1 with a certified DevOps Consulting researcher to get resilient cloud infrastructure planning, infrastructure cost-efficiency analysis, and expert Agile consulting. If your organization doubts Agile, is experiencing underperforming velocities, or looking to optimize Agile in a remote environment, then you are in the right place! Want to implement an enterprise infrastructure plan but don’t have the cloud resources? We have partnered with AWS, Azure, and GCP to help implement virtual resources.

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Bring Order To Chaos

Picture this. Your team owns a service that depends on another team to deploy their software first. You spend the day checking in with that team, wasting hours of your time, and wishing your software was deployed as soon as the dependency was resolved. We know how you feel. We specialize in DevOps-centric solutions that go beyond a consultation. Our DevOps specific services include software deployment tools and strategies. Whether in the cloud or on-site, our strategies and tools will help you succeed!

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Learn, Grow, Succeed

Orderly Ops does more than provide IT consulting, DevOps Consulting, and IT services to businesses. We recognize that DevOps is a community effort, and we provide a collection of research articles, news, and tech talks for free. Our team of researchers, consultants, and DevOps gurus all share the desire to improve upon DevOps methodologies and technologies to prepare the tech world for a more innovative future. We are in the process of developing a YouTube channel and Discord. In the meantime, check out our blog!

IT Consulting Offerings

We are one of the most unique IT consultancies because we offer three types of services. From the business perspective we provide standard consultant services for IT processes, management, and infrastructure planning. Our second service is DevOps strategy and tooling using academic research. We treat DevOps not as automation solutions but as a collection of processes and methodologies that pertain to all aspects of product development and deliver. We also tailor the solution to the specific organizational levels (executive, middle management, engineer). The third service is a free service that we provide to the community by making educational content and interacting with our community members to help them learn, grow, and succeed.

Why Choose Us

Typically, an IT consultant would say, “We have a team of experienced professionals who are committed to delivering high-quality IT solutions.” There is something you should know about us; we aren’t your typical consultants. We are researchers first. Orderly Ops is not out to sell a specific product and try to make it fit where it shouldn’t. We want to help you discover new and innovative ways to accomplish your goals. We also use research methodologies to determine how effective those strategies are. Additionally, we put significant effort in educating the world on tech while providing people of all skill levels with real-world skills they can apply in all aspects of their career.

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